Pakenham Ontario Pictures

A page of various photos taken around Pakenham and area.

Pakenham Ontario Canada stone bridge in 1981. Built in 1901


Canadian License Plates , Telegraph Insulators

Pakenham falls and mills 1880 (wooden bridge)

Under the arch 1981

From the mill window 1982?

Pakenham stone bridge FEB 2005

APR 2005 flooding

Canadian Pacific Railway bridge Pakenham APR.2005

August 2005 Almost dry from drought.

From the church 1930`s Scott Bros. store and McCann`s garage (Red Indian gasoline)

McCann`s Texico 1980`s and McCann`s Esso 2005
Pakenham General Store 1981 and 2005

Scott Bros. new Chev pickup 1934

Pakenham General Store at night Oct 1981

Nicholson`s Store at night 1981

Centennial Restaurant and Mann`s Store 2005


1960 Chev Wagon (1981)

Old Chevy "farm grave yard" in 1983

1920`s Dodge Bros. roadster in 1983

1938? Ford pickup on the farm. 2005

farm cars RIP by the river 2005

1938 McLaughlin Buick Canada on same farm 2005

"Ontario Provincial Highway 1929"
Old cement culvert on HWY 29 near Indian Creek



CPR train 2002 near Blakeney
Turtle crossing on the Bellamy road. This sign is now gone. Stolen?

Old rail fence in a cedar forest Feb 2006

Blakeney road Feb.2006