Hi, all! Welcome to my home in cyberspace. I'm a bit of a character, but come on in anyway! You're sure to find something of interest. You might even learn something.

I could go on chapter and verse about what is most visibly noticeable about me, but I won't, cause you all can't see me! That's the beauty of the internet. As Kelly LeBrock has said ... "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!" (those who know me appreciate my tongue in cheek). If you're looking for sexual content, pornographic material, nude pictures and other such mindless drivel, you've come to the wrong place. Sex is a many splendored thing, but alas, it is not something in which any thinking human being can engage via the internet. Up close and personal  physical contact aka "real life" is the only way to go! 

The internet has the potential to create meaningful relationships of one sort or another for an array of people of varied interests. Some of us may get to meet one another, but for those of us for whom that is not possible, this vehicle of exchange is wonderful. If you will allow me, I'd like to share some of my interests. Perhaps we have something in common.

Creating this web page has been a source of pleasure, while at the same time a valuable learning experience. I sometimes go into html overdrive, but in that process I come away with new tools to heighten awareness about a variety of interesting topics.

If you're looking for some sound advice on things related to health and wellness, pour yourself a cup of coffee and sit down and stay awhile. If you don't like coffee, I have a great recipe for Bailey's Irish Cream :)

When I'm not working on this web page, I'm browsing recipe sites, while playing on-line scrabble, aka WORDBIZI take lots of breaks from gaming now that I've learned to make pastry. In addition to pies, I like to experiment with muffin recipes. No wimpy muffins for me. I make the monster variety, even though I'm a little bit of a thing (most assuredly not a sweet little old lady. I'm feisty!)

By medical definition, I'm disabled, but in my own mind, I can leap tall buildings in a single bound. I may have cerebral palsy (spastic diplegia), but it doesn't have me. If you're a parent of a child or even a big kid with cp, check out Daniel's Gift, a place to share your story or learn from others; a great resource.

  Fibromyalgia, a connective tissue disorder has been a constant companion for many years as well but I don't allow it to get me down either.

You Don't Look Handicapped is a light-hearted examination of people's perception of those with "hidden" disabilities like deafness or blindness. When I'm out and about in my wheelchair, particularly at the mall, people will approach me and ask if I'm related to so-and-so ... he's in a wheelchair, too  Like, DUH! Be assured I am not related to Christopher Reeve or Stephen Hawking. Another thing that annoys me is when people speak loudly to me like I'm deaf, or ask the person I might be with what I want; like I'm not capable of speaking for myself or making decisions. I'm not alone in my dislike of people leaning on my wheelchair while they are chatting with me. Do you lean on your upright friends while engaged in conversation? I bet not. My wheelchair to me is like your legs to you. A dog is more likely to pee on my tires than hoist on your leg. A cross I have to bear! :)

Where possible, I prefer to treat both my visible "dis"ability, and the hidden one with vitamins, minerals and other supplements. For me, this course has been an appropriate one. So far, I've been able to avoid any long-term use of "doctor drugs", finding herbal tranquilizers help with arrhythymia due to aortic insuffiency, as well as the pain and fatigue associated with fibromyalgia. The implications of aging with disability are many, but individuals may experience them in totally different ways.

I find eating well, proper amounts of exercise, and supplementing with vitamins/herbs has been immeasurably helpful to me. Calcium-magnesium, Vitamin C and E are especially helpful to me. The calcium to maintain bone density, the magnesium helps a lot with fatigue. It also helps immeasurably with bouts of arrhythymia. Vit C, of course, is a natural anti-inflammatory, and E is good for the heart. Lutein is another herb I've introduced into my daily regimen. It's reported to as well help those with macular degeneration.

My new housemate, Mr. Digby, an Australian Silky Terrier, is also benefiting from healthy living; his most favorite treat is homemade yogurt; much tastier than commercially prepared. 

To further improve my health, I have had excellent result treating "deep bone pain" with tetracycline. Very often, I will get a lung infection and a cycle of bone pain at the same time, and rather than taking two different antibiotics in succession, I find tetracycline works well to address both things simultaneously.I successfully cope with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) by routinely undertaking an internal parasite cleanse. The product I use, Wormwood Combination, is based in clove, which is a natural antibiotic.

Eye and dental health are paramount for me. I take lutein for my vision, and use the Sonicare electric toothbrush to maintain good oral health. Aortic insufficiency and its related risk with dental work is another reason I am such a fanatic about my teeth.

When I absolutely cannot rest, I like to stay up and watch television; usually old black and white movies. Having a satellite television system in the bowels of rural New Brunswick, Canada has been very helpful. It's nice to have such a range of choice ... keeps me from getting bored. I like watching biographies, documentaries, health related programs, and even cartoons. I have a crush on Grampa Smurf. Blue is definitely my color.

My interests are varied, so I hope you will take your time and check out some of my links. Whether you're looking for information about counter top appliance cooking, , health, homeopathy, the latest kitchen gadget, or tenacious Cairn terriers, you're sure to find something that appeals to you within my pages. I was invited to visit another site recently and was very impressed. Though not health/wellness related as most of my links are, I felt one link from that site worthy of inclusion here. Puppy Lapper is a Christmas ornament, with proceeds of sales going to the Southeastern Guide Dog Association in Palmetto, Florida. Christmas all year round to help such admirable efforts on behalf of the visually impaired.

Further along on my web site, you'll find links to pages about children with different types of cerebral palsy, links to diagnostic related information specific to cerebral palsy and the various types,  information about symptoms of FMS. There's even a link to stories "written" by my Cairn terriers, Mr. Jake and Mr. Alex (RIP)

I have yet to interview Mr. Digby for his adoption story. Soon, my pretties! Soon! 

When I'm not surfing the web, researching for articles or playing word games, I can be found cooking or baking. I am a confirmed counter top appliance addict, and  love my bread maker oven combination unit. It bakes bread, toasts, cooks meat and fish and broils. My microwave-convection oven is a much used kitchen appliance as well, as I adapt a great number of recipes to it. I explore further the benefits of counter top appliances to the mobility disabled in Carla's Cookin. Hope you enjoy.

After an afternoon of baking cakes, cookies or pies, or preparing a meal to be cooked later in the evening, I like to take a nap on my adjustable bed with massage. What a great invention those things are! It's nice to have a bed that doesn't look like it belongs in a sick room. Mr. Digby, loves lounging on the bed. He's not quite sure of the massage, though :)

By the way, if you have an easy recipe for any type of kitchen counter top appliance, please send it to me. I especially love crock pot/slow cooker recipes. Anything with chocolate would be most welcome as well. Heck, if you want to hop on a plane and visit me in person and cook a meal or two, I wouldn't mind a bit.

In keeping with the spirit of Christmas, since that holiday feeling should be all year long, I've included a fruitcake recipe. Written anecdotally, I hope you enjoy.

If you found my website helpful, wish to comment on the content, or have your own website included here, I encourage you to visit my guest book. Recipes always welcome.